The Memes Never Bothered Me, Anyway.

As Florida awaits a possible visit from the tropical system known as Elsa, we once again find ourselves with a fine selection of artisanal hurricane memes. Laughing about approaching tropical weather is practically a way of life (and maybe a coping mechanism) for Floridians, and when the storm has the same name as a certain omnipresent Disney Princess™®©, well you know the memes are going to be on point. Here’s a lovely collection we gathered from the most Floridian corners of the internet over the past 24 hours or so. Of course it should go without saying, but since everybody sues for everything these days, let this be your official notice to not take your frigging weather advice from a cartoon on the internet. These were made for humor, not accuracy.

If you’re still hungry for more dank tropical memes, check out our Dorian meme collection from the last storm to scare the crap out of us.

We now return you to your SEWIOUS BITNESS weather coverage.

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