Month: August 2019

11PM Saturday: Track Mostly the Same, but Shifts Back West Ever So Slightly. Standby, but don’t Stand Down. Don’t Panic.

The 11PM Advisory from the National Hurricane Center has shifted the track just barely … almost imperceptibly … back to the west. This is not surprising, and not necessarily a… Read more »

5PM Saturday: Track Stays Offshore. Tropical Storm Watch for Vero Beach. Standby, but Don’t Stand Down. Don’t Panic.

The 5PM Advisory continues to show good news for the Attractions area, but we still have to remain vigilant for another day or so. As discussed earlier, it’s safe to… Read more »

11AM Saturday: A Better Picture for Central Florida, but Still Some Risk. Standby, but Don’t Stand Down. And Don’t Panic.

The 11AM Saturday track continues to bode better and better for central Florida. Model runs are starting to consistently shift the storm eastward to the point that it is more… Read more »

11PM Friday: Another Path Nudge, But Threat Remains. Hurricane Watches Possible Saturday. Make Final Preparations, but Don’t Panic.

The 11 PM Advisory is out, and Dorian remains a potentially dangerous Category Four hurricane with sustained winds of 140 MPH. The current expected path could have extended impacts on… Read more »