About Us

Welcome to Meteottractions. Here, we explore the connections between the ever-changing Florida weather, the world-class Central Florida attractions, and the people who call this floating land barge full of love bugs, alligators, and sandhill cranes “home.”

Meteottractions, pronounced “ME-tee-uh-TRAK-shuns,” combines Meteorology with Attractions. It’s an offshoot of a previous project called Attractions Weather (2013-2016, RIP) which focused primarily on providing current conditions and weather forecasts for the Central Florida attractions, with occasional blog content. But the bell tolled quickly for that project because… let’s be honest… everybody has a forecaster in their pocket now. You can whip out your iDroid and see hyper-local weather forecasts and raindrop counts down to the nearest micrometer. So it’s not like we need another site to give us a forecast or show us the radar.

Enter Meteottractions. Sure we’ll tell you what’s happening in the weather. But we plan to go a bit beyond “hot enough for ya?” to explore some of the weirdness in Central Florida weather. Along the way, we’ll talk about the theme parks, the space coast, Port Canaveral, the beaches, and what it’s like to live in Central Florida in spite of the weather.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There are no trained meteorologists on our staff. For that matter, there’s nobody on our “staff” at all; Meteottractions is run solely by Jackie Steele, a former radio News Director / Operations Manager in the south metro Atlanta area, now working in the hospitality industry in central Florida. In his former radio life, Jackie was accustomed to talking his audience through hours on end of tornado warnings, ice storms, and other weather events. A Florida resident since 2011, he’s ridden out topical storms and hurricanes and survived more than one attempt of a Florida downpour to drown him once and for all (usually on October 1st). He is a National Weather Service trained SKYWARN® storm spotter and owns more weather software than is probably healthy for an individual. Views expressed here are his alone and are probably not held by anyone else, much less the company he works for or anyone affiliated with the website.

So welcome to yet another freaking blog on the internet. We hope you enjoy your time here, and we promise never to tell you to save energy on your AC bill by setting your thermostat to 78°.