Marginal Risk of Severe Weather Sunday 06/09

The Storm Prediction Center says there is a marginal risk of severe weather in Central Florida on Sunday. “Marginal” is the lowest threat level forecast issued by the SPC, ranking 1 on a scale of 1-5. The marginal risk area includes the eastern edge of the attractions, including SeaWorld and Universal. Thunderstorms are still possible elsewhere in the area today, but are expected to remain below severe limits.

The Marginal risk is related specifically to a 5%-14% chance of 1″ hail and winds over 55mph…

Tornadoes are not considered a major risk today, with less than a 2% chance of a tornado developing.

It’s important to have multiple ways to receive weather alerts… we suggest a combination of local media, NOAA Weather Radio, and mobile apps. We have links to a few suggestions for mobile apps in our Resources page.

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