One Little Shower, and a World of Meaning

Wednesday was a stormy day in Central Florida, with a severe thunderstorm warning having been issued for much of Orange County earlier this afternoon. But the skies were finally clearing. And that was no doubt welcomed by the people who were making their way into town for a ceremony marking the third anniversary of what was to be counted among the darkest days in Orlando’s history.

Every remembrance ceremony since that terrible day in 2016 has had a common element of nature: a rainbow always somehow seems to appear during the ceremony. ALWAYS. The symbolism is obvious as Pulse catered to the LGBTQ community and so many members of that community died there that night. And I can tell you from my personal experience with dear friends who lost loved ones in the attack… that rainbow matters. It is widely seen as a sign, or even a visit, from those who died that night… a sign of hope.

And yet, all the rain had moved out of the area. The radar was clear for miles around.

Until 7PM.

One little shower, just southeast of Pulse

And that little, solitary shower… the only one for miles around…

That little shower was enough.

It dissipated as quickly as it formed, having fulfilled its purpose. It started and ended within the timeframe of the ceremony… and in that fleeting moment, it delivered just a little hope and a whole lot of meaning.

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