Friday Morning: Dorian’s Slow Trek Means Big Rain and Maybe Wind. Prepare, but Don’t Panic.

The 5AM track from the National Hurricane Center continues to put Dorian on a track for a south Florida landfall as a strong Category Four hurricane, and possibly still a Category One hurricane as it approaches the Attractions early to mid week. Hurricane watches are posted for the Bahamas, including Disney’s Castaway Cay.

Our major messages from last night remain in effect, with a slow-moving rain and wind event being the potential key impact. Estimates from the Weather Prediction Center put parts of the attractions area into the 10-15 inch category, but that will be highly dependent upon the eventual track of the storm and when it makes that northward turn. And yes, the track absolutely can still change.

NHC Key Messages:

1. A Hurricane Watch is now in effect for the northwestern Bahamas,
where the risk of life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force
winds this weekend has continued to increase.  Residents should
begin to execute their hurricane plans and listen to advice given
by local emergency officials.

2. There is an increasing likelihood of a prolonged period of
hazardous weather conditions that could last for a couple of days
in parts of Florida early next week.

3.  The risk of life-threatening storm surge along portions of the
Florida east coast has increased, although it is too soon to
determine where the highest storm surge will occur.  The risk of
devastating hurricane-force winds along the Florida east coast and
peninsula early next week has also increased, although it is too
soon to determine where the strongest winds will occur.  Residents
should have their hurricane plan in place, know if they are in a
hurricane evacuation zone, and listen to advice given by local
emergency officials.

4. Regardless of the exact track of Dorian, heavy rains are expected
to occur over portions of the Bahamas, Florida, and elsewhere in the
southeastern United States this weekend and into the middle of next

Next track 11AM. Preparations should continue, with your final storm preps done no later than this weekend. Don’t panic.

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