The Tropics World? It’s a Mess. Don’t Panic.

The tropics have once again sprung to life in earnest. But there’s no reason to go on a buying spree just yet. The National Hurricane Center is eyeing several active storms and several areas of potential development. Two of the three named systems (the remnants of Imelda over Texas, and Hurricane Humberto headed toward Bermuda) are absolutely not a current threat to Florida. The other, Tropical Storm Jerry, is currently thought to be unlikely to threaten Florida based on an expected turn before reaching even the heart of the Bahamas. Of course it’s early days on that forecast so we’ll keep an eye on it. There are also a few areas cooking out in the open water, but it’s far too early to know what they’ll do or where they’ll go. Both have a relatively low chance of fully developing in the next five days.

Keep calm and carry on. We’ll let you know if any of these start to raise a Central Floridian eyebrow.

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