Stormy Sunday (4/11) Expected for the Attractions Area

SPC Slight Risk

The Storm Prediction Center is giving an early heads up that Sunday morning and midday could bring severe weather to the Attractions Area. They’ve issued an outlook for a slight risk (level 2 of 5) of severe weather in the area on April 11. The primary threat is damaging winds, with a 15%-29% chance of damaging winds within 25 miles of where you are. The hail threat is lower (5%-14%), which is a bit of a relief given that portions of the Florida panhandle saw major damage from baseball-sized hail that fell earlier in the day on Saturday. There’s also a non-zero tornado threat, pegged between 2%-4%.

Via Iowa Environmental Mesonet

The latest runs of the North American Model estimate that the strongest storms in the Attractions area would likely occur between 10AM and 3PM Sunday. As always, it’s smart to make sure you have multiple ways to receive warnings, including local media, social media (but beware of algorithms that don’t show posts in chronological order!), NOAA Weather Radio, and mobile device apps (we recommend Florida Storms, and no, they don’t pay us to say that).

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