Soggy Week Continues for the Attractions, with a Flood Watch to the West.

It’s been a rainier than usual week for the Attractions. The first clue of the high humidity was early morning fog that reduced visibility around Central Florida for parts of the morning Tuesday. And then the rains came. Wednesday, in particular, was especially soggy with a large storm sitting over Orange County just east of the Attractions; in some instances, more than four inches of rain were recorded. The radar-generated Storm Total Precipitation estimate (above) shows the extent of the rainfall. Yellows represent 3″ of rainfall, oranges 4″, and reds 5″.

Here’s the same product, but from the Tampa radar site, which gives a more-accurate picture for Busch Gardens and Legoland Florida.

Precipitable Water values, which show roughly how much rain is possible given the atmospheric conditions, are still rather high… up to two-and-a-half inches. So the National Weather Service says there’s still a 60-70% chance we’ll see more rain Thursday 8/15. One saving grace is that an approaching frontal boundary will at least push the storms through a little faster, so they won’t be quite as likely to just sit and rain themselves out over one unlucky spot. On the other hand, if they start to train one behind another, the net effect is the same.

The Tampa Bay office of the NWS is continuing its flood watch for the area through Friday, including Legoland and Busch Gardens. The remainder of the Attractions area is not included.

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Tampa Bay Area - Ruskin FL
311 AM EDT Thu Aug 15 2019


.Soils remain very saturated across West Central and Southwest
Florida from above average rainfall accumulations within the last
several weeks. Persistent west to southwest flow is expected to
continue into the weekend. This pattern along with very high
atmospheric moisture will maintain a heavy rain threat. Given the
antecedent ground conditions, a flooding threat will persist.


The Flood Watch is now in effect for

* Portions of central Florida, northern Florida, south central
  Florida, southwest Florida, and west central Florida,
  including the following areas, in central Florida, Hardee,
  Polk, and Sumter. In northern Florida, Coastal Levy and Inland
  Levy. In south central Florida, DeSoto and Highlands. In
  southwest Florida, Coastal Charlotte, Coastal Lee, Inland
  Charlotte, and Inland Lee. In west central Florida, Coastal
  Citrus, Coastal Hernando, Coastal Hillsborough, Coastal
  Manatee, Coastal Pasco, Coastal Sarasota, Inland Citrus,
  Inland Hernando, Inland Hillsborough, Inland Manatee, Inland
  Pasco, Inland Sarasota, and Pinellas.

* Through Friday evening

* Persistent heavy rain pattern along with favorable antecedent
  ground conditions will continue the threat for flooding across
  West Central and Southwest Florida.

* The heavy rainfall will have the potential to cause flooding
  of low-lying and poor drainage areas. Flooding will also
  affect roadways, rivers, creeks, and smaller streams. Remember
  to not drive across flooded roadways. Turn around. Don`t
  drown. Residents living in flood prone areas as well as along
  rivers and faster flowing streams should keep alert to any
  rapid rises in water levels and be ready to move to higher
  ground if flooding is observed.


A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding based on
current forecasts.

You should monitor later forecasts and be alert for possible
Flood Warnings. Those living in areas prone to flooding should be
prepared to take action should flooding develop.

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