5PM Tuesday: A Surprisingly Dry Day. Less than 24 Hours Till We’re Fully in the Clear. Don’t Panic.

If all you did was walk outside today, you’d be forgiven for not knowing there’s a gigantic freaking hurricane off the coast of Florida. It has been surprisingly… almost unbelievably… dry in central Florida today. Yes there have been passing rains, but the attractions area has been relatively quiet when you consider that what had been one of the strongest hurricanes ever is passing about 80 miles offshore.

Radar just prior to 5PM.

As we told you earlier today, the National Weather Service lowered its wind forecasts for the attractions area earlier this morning. The “worst” of the weather is still due tonight, but in truth it is expected to be not much worse than typical summer thunderstorms for the central attractions area. You never want to let your guard down, but the attractions area should be able to really breathe a sigh of relief by noon tomorrow and start just enjoying your hurricane snacks. The space coast is, of course, on higher alert especially for flooding.

The tropical storm warning for Osceola County is no more, but remains in effect for Orange County and Lake County. Hurricane Warning continues for Brevard County.

More updates, including the latest track, are due at 11PM. Keep calm and carry on… we’re almost off this roller coaster.

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