Approaching Cold Front Bringing 50s to Central Florida (and 30s to the Panhandle)

All signs point to a dynamic temperature week ahead for central Florida as a big cold front dips southward. Tuesday afternoon will be warm with a high around 82, then temperatures drop 25 degrees in 18 hours. We expect to be at 57 degrees on Wednesday morning, only warming to 67 by mid afternoon. A brief one-day warming trend follows, and then temperatures experience another 20-degree drop, landing us back in the upper 50s by Saturday morning.

While the cooler weather is welcome for those who are attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, checking out the holiday decor at the theme parks and resorts, or just who are stuck working an outdoor shift, these temps are probably cool enough to also trigger at least a few weather-related delays or closures at some of Central Florida’s water parks. Those that don’t close will certainly be firing up their pool heaters to try to keep the water at a tolerable level.

The approaching front is expected to bring low temperatures in the 30s to portions of Florida’s panhandle by midweek.

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