Flood Watch for the Attractions as Cristobal Churns Far Away. Don’t Panic.

Cristobal is one big, sloppy, messy, disorganized storm. The good news is it’s far away from us. The bad news is we’re still going to feel the effects in the form of potentially flooding rains and a possibility of storm surge and beach erosion along the west coast of the state.

The Weather Prediction Center’s precipitation outlook for our area shows high-end estimates of around four or five inches of rain within the next five days, though point forecasts for the Attractions area are much more conservative. Nevertheless, we’ve had a rainy few days and some areas are saturated to the point that pretty much any additional rain could cause flooding.

Along the coast, the storm’s wind field is expected to remain far offshore but still be prevalent enough to present a risk of a 2- to 4-foot storm surge around high tide. Rip currents and beach erosion are also a possibility.

As for Cristobal, the tropical storm continues to nudge its way northward, and is expected to make landfall along the Louisiana coast late Sunday or early Monday, without attaining hurricane status.

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