Disney Cruise Line Issues Statement on Castaway Cay and Crew

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Posted earlier tonight on DisneyCruise.com:

Castaway Cay Update 

Many of our guests have asked questions about Castaway Cay. Some of our Crew remained on the island and their care and safety is our highest priority. We are in regular contact with island leadership, who is making sure our Crew is well taken care of in our storm shelter, which is designed for these types of situations and has restrooms, power and is well stocked with food and water. Castaway Cay remains south of the more significant weather and is currently experiencing tropical storm force winds, which based on the current forecast, are expected for the next several hours before gradually diminishing. Our thoughts are with the people in areas of The Bahamas that are being impacted by this storm and we stand ready to contribute to recovery efforts.

The statement does not speak of any damage to the island, though it is possible that the crew has not emerged yet from its bunker to survey the storm’s aftermath. The center of Dorian passed north of the island so the island was expected to avoid the worst of the winds. However, significant waves and storm surge flooding were a major concern, with forecasts stating that flooding of up to 23 feet possible. One would presume that did not fully verify, as Disney states it has been in touch with the crew on the island since the storm passed nearby.

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