Slight Risk of Severe Storms in Attractions Area Saturday 4/18

SPC Slight Risk

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Slight Risk (risk level 2 of 5) of severe weather in the Attractions area as a cold front moves through late Saturday morning and early afternoon. Not much daytime heating is expected, but the atmosphere is still expected to be unstable enough to support some risks of severe weather. The primary threats will be damaging winds (15%-29% chance of damaging thunderstorm winds within 25 miles of where you are) and hail (15%-29% chance of hail the size of quarters or larger within 25 miles). The tornado threat is generally low, forecast at a 2%-4% chance. A “slight” risk is the SPC’s indication of situations in which scattered severe storms are possible; based on the criteria for this alert level, storms would generally be short-lived and/or not widespread, and isolated intense storms are possible. A more intense severe weather day is expected on Sunday, however that risk is much farther north; Central Florida is not currently in the risk area for Sunday.

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