Monday’s Severe Risk Increased for Attractions Area (4/20)

SPC Slight Risk

An approaching storm system with a history of spawning severe thunderstorms and prompting tornado warnings is expected to pass through central Florida late Monday morning and afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has increased its previous “marginal” risk to instead be “slight” (level 2 of 5). A severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect for the area through 3PM. The primary threat will be strong winds (15%+ chance) and hail (5%+ chance). The tornado that is relatively low (2%+ chance). As a reminder, the percentages shown refer to the overall probability that these things will occur within 25 miles of where you are.

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Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate, High… what’s the difference? Learn about the Storm Prediction Center’s outlook products and how they’re issued by reading our two part series:
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